What's So Wrong With Social Work School? (And How To Make It More Right)

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creating specialties in social service should be a bet, a short-term investment.

Irene Fonseca more than 6 years ago

About social work courses

Hi, I think you are right. I am a social work student and I like very much this profession of social work.
* I have been asking myself questions about the kind of courses we have,. Courses are more theoretical. I am not saying that we should not have them but I think : If we could associate practices to them it could be very helpful for us. Because in my opinion studying theories for a long period of time just means MEMORIZING( which is not bad at some point) when Social Work is More about UNDERSTANDING(because we formulate a Solutions according to Knowledge we got) because we deal with the DIVERSITY..
*I also wish teachers could be always available for student, I mean: Taking the time to listen to listen to them, take the time to listen to them if they have some innovating ideas and help them with those ideas( thus they will have the time to read more about what they learnt before and take the time to read what they do not know).
Only like this, we can expect something new from the new generation of Social Workers, in my opinion. Thanks

Mardochée N more than 6 years ago

Practice mgmt

There is also a lack of opportunity to get info on how to run a business. Many clinical social workers will end up in private practice. General business classes you might take as an elective aren't going to give you the specific info you need!

Amy more than 6 years ago

About Real World CSW

Dr. Danna Bodenheimer is the author of Real World Clinical Social Work: Find Your Voice and Find Your Way and On Clinical Social Work: Meditations and Truths From the Field. She shares practice wisdom with new clinicians.