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The People have spoken....

I believe the People have spoken as well. The working man & woman have strongly felt they too needed to "select a track." The division in this country is real. That division has caused many to feel as though the status quo was not safe and not helping our country. Your reference to the economy being a social issue is one of the reasons he won. Everything has been turned into a social justice issue and it's not really. The economy can improve if left to the working man/woman & entrepreneurs not to huge government entitlement programs. With reference to your quote, "The fact that the candidate elected had been implicated in past sexual misconduct made several of my clients feel that their perpetrators had been vindicated..." This is unbelievable to me....I'll never understand why Trump's sexual harassing was different or worse than Clinton's rampage through the 90's with countless woman who were silenced and demonzied by Hillary Clinton and her supporters. Where was the outrage with sexual victims then or during her campaign? You are right about a movement unfolding. The hypocrisy, the social justice in everyone's face, the excuses for Muslim religious acts of violence, but no tolerance for Christians standing up for Christmas has caused this movement.....this division. As a proud social worker, I too have a voice, my children have a voice and my comrades at work have a voice. That voice spoke loudly on Nov. 8th and it's a shame that this movement will be dismissed, de-legitimized, and mocked by media and others for 4 years. I hope that real world clinical blog reaches out to those people as hastily as they write about the shock, dismay, and need to process this election. Keep in mind, Obama was #notmypresident to many people. We did not lament in safe spaces, RIOT, protest, burn the flag or demand a recount. We went to work and said to ourselves, "you win some, you lose some." (2x!) I applaud your efforts to encourage others to continue moving forward as we all continue to shine our light of hope each and every day. Social Workers are change agents....the people wanted change. The people have spoken.
D.Nelson, LMSW

Dena Nelson more than 6 years ago


Trump plans to expand child care accessibility. The Affordable Care Act has not worked for many people. Premiums are going up. Many insurance companies have been permitted to leave the marketplace. Trump plans to improve the health care system. Let's give him a chance.

Kathleen Barnett more than 6 years ago

Darkest before the dawn...

I have spoken to many people who are disallusioned by the election results. However, social justice issues still exist: poverty, racism, sexism, discrimination of every kind, substance misuse, domestic violence, homelessness. We must continue to apply self care and healthy self talk to ourselves as we help clients every day. We must continue to advocate for those who need affordable health care, jobs, child care and so on. The race is not over yet. We have to remain vigilant and keep fighting for the change we want to see.

Tiffany Thompson, MSW, CSW more than 6 years ago

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