Does This Movie Make My Attitude Look Big?

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Who is a social worker

I am working on my thesis for my MSW. My topic is the portrayal of social workers in films, their characteristics and ethical violations. Do you think it's fair for us to consider the character in Moonrise Kingdom to be a social worker? Considering that her character is referred to as "social services" which out of date research indicates is not necessarily a title that denotes a social work degree. I'm trying to decide what characters to leave out and what characters to leave in. Any feedback would be helpful!

Treasure more than 7 years ago

re: Who is a social worker

Hi! What an interesting thesis you're working on. I'd love to see who you come up with! Cobra Bubbles from Lilo and Stitch is an interesting one! For Moonrise Kingdom's character "Social Service" - I think it's fair to consider her to be intended as a portrayal of a social worker. Although she might not have a social work degree, most viewers will understand her or interpret her as a social worker. Hope that helps! Addison

Addison Cooper more than 7 years ago

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