“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” - The Universal, Eternal Truths of Fred Rogers

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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The Murder of Barnard Freshman, Tess Majors

Our oldest daughter is a Barnard graduate. She is now a mom of teens: When Liz was interviewed at Barnard, her first choice, I was in the waiting room: the interviewer came to meet me and invited me into her office. With our daughter present, she spoke of Barnard's community reach-out programs and the safety measures brought to all students -- not all were raised in a city, as was our daughter. Last week's murder of a Barnard student in Morningside Park brings home the shivering horror of Tess Major's stabbing, the urgency of Fred Rogers's message, and many, many questions about how Columbia University is using its vast wealth. CUSSW (Columbia U School of Social Work), ranked 4th in the country by US News and World Report, should be initiating and staffing numerous community centers throughout Harlem. The presence of social workers (working closely with teachers and administrators) is essential in every school in the area! Why aren't millions of dollars being poured into this?

SaraKay Smullens more than 2 years ago

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