Book Review: The End of Social Work: A Defense of the Social Worker in Times of Transformation

The End of Social Work

The End of Social Work: A Defense of the Social Worker in Times of Transformation.

Cognella Academic Publishing




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Clarification from Steve Burghardt on Book Review

I appreciated the recent review by Peter Kindle, with one important clarification: I do not criticize the Special Commission to Advance Macro Practice. I instead noted that their diplomatic outreach to various leadership groups was sidestepped or ignored through carefully worded statements of vague support-- a classic form of marginalization by many institutional elites. As a member of the SC, I have been deeply impressed b y the leadership of Darlyne Bailey, Terry Mizrah and others over the years.
On a second note, your publication lists only the hardback price for this book-- a surefire way to diminish interest. As almost all your other book reviews include digital and paperback prices, please include Cogenell's for this one: $29.95 for paperback, $23.95 for digital.

Steve Burghardtt 271 days ago

Thank you

Thank you for these clarifications. The additional formats and prices have been added to the review. 271 days ago

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