Book Review: Poorly Understood: What America Gets Wrong About Poverty

Poorly Understood

Poorly Understood: What America Gets Wrong About Poverty

Oxford University Press




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Poorly understood . . . poverty

Yes, this was me for years, even though as a masters level art therapist for 10 years I had the professional title and evidence of hard work. I regularly relied on financial assistance from my parents in cases of unexpected emergencies, not because I didn't save but because my saving were never adequate to cover the costs. Leaving the profession for a job that paid a mere $10K more was all it took to put me on a new footing, with enough cash left over to allow me to participate in social activities rather than to make excuses due to lack of funds. A low income housing program did allow me to purchase a small home so I strongly believe more funding is necessary to support them, as they are life changing in providing housing stability. My circumstances have changed considerably since then, although my husband and I were not unscathed by the Great Recession and I again found myself turning to my parents for aid. Perhaps there would be more support for social welfare programs if more in the public acknowledged they had at times would have needed them had it not been for being on the family dole.

Karen VC more than 1 year ago

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