Book Review—Prince Harry’s Spare: The Impact of Long Denied Trauma, Emotional Abuse

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Excellent Review

I really appreciated your review and am in complete agreement with your points. I feel as if Meghan and Harry are often maligned unfairly in the media and hope that their little family is able to thrive away from the pressures they previously faced.

Michelle Paisley 41 days ago

Response to Michelle

Michelle, thanks so much for taking time to write! The cruelty expressed toward this couple, with no appreciation of what each has endured in different ways and together, is beyond unsettling. With deep appreciation, SaraKay

SaraKay Smullens 40 days ago


Hi Kim,
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my review. I appreciate your time and support very much!
With warm best wishes,

SaraKay Smullens 42 days ago

Response to Bernadine

As I'm no trained in your area I will not challenge you there. However as a black Jamaican woman living in Jamaica part of the Commonwealth I like many others wished the best for Harry and Meghan as their relationship was revealed and they got married as countless other people around the world also wished the best for them. However it soon became obvious that Harry had failed to prepare her properly and that she didn't make much of an effort to learn about her new home and it's culture. It is a fact that she was offered help by the Queen in the form of several senior staff and family members to help her to learn and adjust to her new life. She refused this help. If she couldn't be bothered to put in any time or effort to research her new home or its culture what does that say about her. I assume that she would put time and effort into any movie role she was auditioning for. She also didn't play be established rules likes taking gifts from fashion houses.
Americans have a habit of trying to tell the rest of us in the world how things should be done and Meghan clearly thought she could go in and change tjings to suit herself. Harry was broken and vulnerable when she came along and in an effort to appease her and make her happy aided and abbetted her instead of doing the right thing like explaining to her why she wouldn't be paid for doung walkabouts. As with any story there are many sides but Harry and Meghan are not totally innocent. Of course people conveniently forget the disgraceful behaviour exhibited by her family on a daily basis. One can only wish them well and hope that live to a ripe old age to raise their 2 children who are cut off from having a relationship with their cousins and other family members.

Constance 43 days ago

as a black Jamaican woman...

I hope Jamaica removes Charles and William as our head of state and future head of state. Much respect to Meghan for supporting Harry in he decision to leave. In every interview he's ever given he made it clear how much he didn't want to live in England. He'd clearly already figured out that he wasn't going to live in a gilded cage. The misogynoirists who want to blame Meghan, well, so it goes.

Kim 43 days ago


Dear Constance,
It is important to thank you for taking precious time to respond to my review of "Spare." Please know my appreciation. I will study and think about your comments carefully. I do hear you. Yes, yes, Meghan's background was very different from what was expected of her as Royal. My concentration was on the racist tabloid articles, and no intervention to stop this. And the newspaper plants. And also the horrid pain of Diana's life (and death!) that Harry endured, which exacerbated the impact of present suffering, Bernadine, thanks so much for writing. Your perspective is important and so deeply appreciated. With warm wishes, SaraKay

SaraKay Smullens 43 days ago

Response to Constance

Hi Constance, Thanks so much for taking the time to write, You offer an important perspective. I never read that Meghan refused help offered to understand and adjust to a totally different life than the one she had known. You raise a good point about how very different life is here. It was meaningful to hear from you!

SaraKay Smullens 10 days ago


Hi interesting and refreshing to read your perspective.
Just to advise Princess Diana did not have her security withdrawn, it was removed at her request.

Deanna 44 days ago

this has not be proven as a fact

There's no evidence that Diana asked to have her security withdrawn. None. It's an unfortunate fact that Charles and Camilla continue to trash and defame a dead woman.

Excellent review, Ms. Smullens.

Kim 43 days ago


Hi Deanna,
Thanks so much for your kind words and for taking the time to write. In my prep for the review, had not read that Diana wished her security withdrawn and will study this further. Thank you! Harry explains his shock about the decision to remove protection for his family, which he did not anticipate, as he did not anticipate the decision about his military service and honors, which brought enormous pain.
With my appreciation and warm wishes, SaraKay

SaraKay Smullens 43 days ago

Thank you

Excellent review and I concur completely.

Bernardine Devine 47 days ago

response to Bernardine

Hi Bernardine,
Thanks so much for taking the time to write. It is one thing to see things differently than another, but the meanspirited condescension toward Harry from some prominent reviewers and others was very unsettling. Also, like you, I was moved by Harry's honesty and bravery. I am grateful that Linda Grobman printed my response. Many editors would have turned it down. With my appreciation and warm wishes, SaraKay

SaraKay Smullens 47 days ago

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