Book Review: School Social Work: A Direct Practice Guide

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Thank you for your very extensive review of my textbook: School Social Work: A Direct Practice Guide. There are a few clarifications that I would like to share. Specifically, you are concerned with the lack of information on foster children. On page 172, I review children involved with the Department of Human Services and its effect on education. That area includes foster children.
Another area that you mentioned was the unnecessary inclusion of global issues in social work. As I stated on page 294, the world is shrinking and with the advent of technology and economic globalization there has been a growing interdependence of countries. We have a growing immigrant population in our country. I cite that in the borough of Queens in New York City it was noted that 46% of the population was born in another country and that there are 138 languages spoken by the children in that area. Social workers need to help these children as newcomers to our society with academic, social and emotional needs as they navigate the educational system. We can learn from other countries as well. I explain that in one specific country, Ghana, school social workers are available to help faculty and staff as well as students and their families. This intervention helps the entire school community to function better.
Overall, the book is meant to help professors and students to understand many aspects of the school environment and how social workers function in their professional capacity. A teacher can choose what to focus on for the needs of their specific student population. My hope was to present an overview to help everyone involved in the education of our future school social workers.

JoAnn Jarolmen, Ph.D., LCSW more than 9 years ago

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