Gillian Anderson in “The Fall”: A Vicious, Brutal Series With Social Work Implications

The Fall

The Fall

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I am getting personal feedback about my review/commentary. Some are unsettled, believing the series glamorizes "brutal misogyny." I understand this criticism, but believe that many "endure" this brutal series to its culmination because it exposes extremely uncomfortable truths. Most viewers, I believe, Again and again women are called "the stronger sex." Although this is largely placed in Anderson's dialogue, I believe it is how so many men see us -- expressed by creator of the series, Allan Cubitt. For The Fall exposes how in day to day life men view us, fear us, lose control because of us -- in terms of sexual appeal, but also because of what women see, understand and can achieve intellectually. To deal with these fears, many men can see us only as nurturers who exist to give birth and offer family cohesiveness. The series shows the toll this takes on us. And them. We see a mad man viciously murder beautiful women of child bearing age, and then clean and pose them with the pathologic" nurturance" he was denied. In this way, we are shown how deprivation and torment during essential formative years lay the groundwork for fear and longing that can lead to depravity. And as important, the series screams for social work support and intervention available to every vulnerable young child in America. There is no program more essential.

SaraKay Smullens more than 2 years ago

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