2014 NASW Conference

The People and the Informal In-Between Moments: The Heart of a Conference

At the heart of any conference is the people that you interact with, face-to-face, in real life, and the professional collaborations and friendships that grow from those interactions. It's often what happens BETWEEN sessions that has a big impact. Read more

Linda's Agenda

Social Workers Can Be Media Savvy

A new generation of social workers is receiving training on becoming "media savvy." At the 2014 NASW conference, "Promoting Media Savvy Social Work Practice." was a 1.5 hour symposium for social workers on interviewing and being interviewed on radio. Read more

Linda's Agenda

Kane Smego Performs X Chromosome

Nationally recognized spoken word poet Kane Smego performed at the opening session of the 2014 National Association of Social Workers conference. This YouTube video is an example of one of the poems he performed at the conference Read more

Linda's Agenda

Vulnerability and Living Wholeheartedly According to Brené Brown

Social work researcher and educator Brene Brown has become a household name when it comes to talking about embracing your vulnerability, shame, and fear and living authentically with your imperfections to learn to live a wholehearted life. Read more

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