What are your biggest self-care barriers? Likely, many of them could be addressed by saying “No” to something. Read more

Self Care

“Re-storying” is an aspect of the narrative approach that I’ve appreciated for many years. Here, I share an example - a re-storying of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree - and invite you to share in re-storying, as self-care. Read more

Self Care 2 Comments

What does it mean to have bad boundaries and what are good ones? How can I get some and keep them? And why is this so hard? Professional and personal reflections on boundaries and empathy. Read more

Clinical Intersections 1 Comments

Professional self-care is crucial for social workers. Boundaries and balance are important elements of self-care at work. Read more

Self Care 2 Comments

What are social workers' ethical obligations when they live in small communities and dual relationships are unavoidable? Boundaries can be complex, with no simple or perfect solutions. Read more

Ethics 3 Comments

Had this social worker not been licensed, what accountability would this practitioner have had to the profession or to the client? If not for a regulatory board, who would advocate that unethical practitioners must be held accountable? Read more

Social Work Month Project 2018

Our Clients/ Ourselves III - You are Under Arrest - Trace/ Truse/ Ruse/ Use/ Us – e - a poem by Gregory Gross, MSW. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2017

Boundaries, like laws and rules, help keep our lives from being chaotic and even at risk. Because social work is a helping profession, social workers often find it difficult to balance personal and professional boundaries. Read more

Practice 1 Comments

Boundaries don’t have to equal withholding silence, and truly showing up is not a transgression. And our superegos need not be our guide. Our clinical frames and professional ethics more than suffice. Read more

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