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Film review: Adolescent and teen clients convinced me that I was wrong in my pre-judgment of Joker. The film exposes truths about the emotionally victimized and our country’s cruel and inadequate mental health awareness, services, and systems. Read more

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A 2-hour documentary that premiered May 7, 2019, during National Foster Care Awareness Month, the film "Foster" centers on the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the largest county child protection agency in the U.S. Read more

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Although artificial intelligence is not yet a perfect answer, it offers us a tool to solve systemic problems within child welfare. CCWIS and big data offer us a tool to create a modern, impactful, and trusted child welfare system. Read more


Movie review - In "The Children Act," a family court judge makes critical decisions. The pain and danger inflicted by a lack of self-awareness and reflection make The Children Act a difficult but important film to experience. Read more

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Book Review: After the Cradle Falls: What Child Abuse Is, How We Respond To It, And What You Can Do About It Read more

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SaraKay Smullens' review of "Leave No Trace" focuses on the social work skills of one unnamed character in the film. Read more

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I am thankful for every experience that I shared with the families I worked alongside as a child protection social worker. I am humbled that in their most vulnerable time, families allowed me to be part of their journey. Read more


There is consensus among major social work, mental health, medical, and other helping professional organizations that the separation of children from their parents at the U.S. border is inhumane and harmful. Use these resources to take action. Read more


The IL Department of Children and Family Services, with Prevent Child Abuse Illinois, held the 6th annual "Kids in Care, and Those Who Care Art Exhibit" at the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago, IL, April 23-27, 2018. Watch the video. Read more


Book review of Domestic Abuse, Child Custody, and Visitation. Read more

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What happens to children after entering the foster care system? We as a society should redirect our focus and show a valid interest in improving the lives of this vulnerable, academically at-risk population. Read more

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So often, when we think of victims or survivors of interpersonal violence, specifically sexual assault, we think of girls and women. In reality and throughout history, boys and men have also experienced sexual violence. Read more

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Shoes - poetry by University of North Dakota pre-social work student Meera Ostrom Read more

Social Work Month Project 2017

Illinois DCFS reminds parents and caregivers about the ABCs of Safe Sleep for Infants

October is Safe Sleep Awareness Month, and the Illinois DCFS reminds parents and caregivers of three simple steps to ensure the infants in their care are put to sleep safely. Read more

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To successfully treat children who have been sexually abused, several paradigm shifts are required. This means, primarily, that we need to reconceptualize the possible scope of sexual abuse. Read more

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Book review of Macro Perspectives on Youths Aging Out of Foster Care Read more

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I always imagine there is at least one child in that room who is being abused or neglected or having some trouble being understood. I am speaking directly to that child; I just don’t know which one it is...yet. Read more


Child protection is a myriad of different experiences. Sad, joyous, shocking, and scary are just a few descriptors. Read more

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