Clinical social work

Of course, there is no universal feeling that defines being a social worker. However, I do believe there are some unifying, unsaid themes. Read more

Clinical Intersections

In social work training, we discuss working with structural forces and power differences by naming them and the ways they are showing up in the room. But how does this intervention fit within the general theory of what is curative for our clients? Read more

Clinical Intersections

What should I say next? This question, arising after the paperwork of intakes and goal setting, can feel terrorizing to social work students and new clinicians. It gets at the heart of what we do and the desire to always say the right next thing. Read more

Clinical Intersections 1 Comments

As clinicians, it is our responsibility to create spaces in which people can feel safe from a traumatizing world. It is important for us to allow people room to not only have refuge, but to show up as their authentic selves. Read more

Clinical Intersections 1 Comments

I had gender affirming surgery while working in an environment that respects and celebrates this step for me. In disclosing this part of my journey to my clients, I made a decision to enter the therapeutic relationship authentically. Read more

Clinical Intersections

The more we use the word trauma to describe the sequelae from psychological stressors, the more we lose the nuance around ways trauma can show up and make itself known. These questions and answers clarify differences between grief, trauma, & C-PTSD. Read more

Clinical Intersections

What does it mean to have bad boundaries and what are good ones? How can I get some and keep them? And why is this so hard? Professional and personal reflections on boundaries and empathy. Read more

Clinical Intersections 1 Comments

Consider the steps someone goes through to become a client at your organization. At each step, there are ways to ensure that LGBTQ people will have a positive experience. Read more

Clinical Intersections

Something is wrong. Free yourselves from the idea that you are what is wrong. You, social workers, are the most right thing out there. This is the first entry in the new Clinical Intersections blog. Read more

Clinical Intersections 2 Comments

Supervision is critical to gaining independent social work licensure. However, that supervision must be “earned” according to a specific set of requirements. Make sure you know and follow the requirements. Read more

Education & Credentials 1 Comments

Social workers often focus on successful outcomes. But has this emphasis diminished the role of process in social work practice? Can we resist the urge to "fix" and instead "sit with"? Read more

Practice 1 Comments

Your professors said you would be working at three levels of social work - micro, mezzo, and macro. But your job seems to be all micro. Are you doing something wrong? Read more


As social workers, we value honesty in our communications with clients. For some interventions, however, deception or lack of full disclosure is vital to effectiveness. Read more

Ethics 3 Comments

It is an ethical imperative to view clinical practice within the macro context as we strive to become life-long advocates and effective practitioners. Read more

Practice 2 Comments

In the film Phantom Thread, the symbolism of hidden messages mirrors social workers' professional challenges. Read more

Reviews & Commentary 1 Comments

Therapy is tough work. It is for courageous and brave people who are willing to make that special step into the unknown - to make a commitment to reveal their most intimate experiences and feelings and to partner and collaborate with a therapist. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2018

Social work is a single profession with a distinct set of values, ethical principles, and standards. How do these apply differently for clinical and nonclinical social workers? Read more


Danna Bodenheimer has some thoughts for social workers for New Year 2018. These are not exactly resolutions - more a sharing of myths that she refuses to continue to subscribe to, some goals, and a mantra. Happy New Year! Read more

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Introducing On Clinical Social Work: Meditations and Truths From the Field, a new book by Dr. Danna Bodenheimer. This beautiful, full-color volume is Bodenheimer's "love letter" to clinical social work and clinical social workers. Read more

Social Work Books 2 Comments

When we provide individuals with the space to think, to broaden their emotional literacy, to feel what feels un-feelable, we send change agents out into the world. Dr. Danna Bodenheimer signs off with her final weekly blog post. Read more

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