As social workers, we sit with a lot of loss. Depending on the type of social work, the death of a client can be a regular part of the work. For me, that’s not the case, or at least it wasn’t until this year. Peter reflects on loss of a client. Read more

Clinical Intersections 1 Comments

As a palliative social worker, I have the opportunity to address gaps in care and provide the education so many people need when they are living with a terminal disease. Little did I know, however, the enormity of the challenge I was undertaking. Read more


I was informed that Ms. Ellen was actively passing away and that her family was unable to make it to be at her bedside. As I sat with Ms. Ellen, I held her hand, letting her know she was not alone. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2017 2 Comments

The theme of this year’s National Family Caregivers Month is Take Care to Give Care. I share my personal experience with the hope that it helps others to take a pause. Caring for oneself both strengthens the self and the ablilty to care for others. Read more


There is so much that we get wrong about grief, and it isn’t surprising. Like most things in life, we are desperately trying to keep an unwieldy process orderly and comprehensible. The fact about grief, though, is that it is neither. Read more

Real World Clinical 4 Comments

You may find yourself asking: How do I grieve this loss? How do I honor this client’s memory? Where do I turn for support? Are my feelings normal? How am I supposed to behave? Read more

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