Denice Goodrich Liley

“Oh, my,” the social worker trembled. “I am but one little social worker.” “I am not mighty...I am but a mere mortal with no cape, no super powers nor mysterious capabilities.” “Alone, I am weak.” Read more

Social Work Month Project 2017

Just what is a Social Worker? S - Someone with super powers that is socially concerned.... Read more

Social Work Month Project 2016

Professor Denice Goodrich Liley reflects on how social work makes her a better person every day. "I can honestly say social work has changed me. I am a better person thanks to social work." Read more

Social Work Month 2015 2 Comments

You find a social work agency that you believe would be the perfect place for your field practicum, only to discover that it is not on the list of agencies sanctioned by your school of social work. You feel passionate about being placed with this Read more

Field Placement

It feels as if this new-found friend has assumed the role of being your self-appointed supervisor (aka: SAS). You are not quite sure when, why, how, or what happened, but suddenly it seems that SAS knows what is best. Your SAS tells you how you Read more

Field Placement

A professor I once knew posted a sign on his door that read: “People going through this door bring joy—some by coming in, others by leaving.” As a field practicum student, which are you? Do you face the opportunity as one of joy? Will your field Read more

Field Placement

Are you fit enough? Do you have the stamina to endure your social work field practicum experiences? You probably haven’t given these questions the faintest consideration, because they are not commonly the questions we associate with beginning a field Read more

Field Placement

Out of nowhere it comes so subtly. You are blindsided when your field instructor says, “An opportunity just came up, and you are the perfect person for it!” You are shell-shocked! What? NOT NOW! Why me? Somehow the term opportunity doesn’t quite feel Read more

Field Placement

It seems nearly inevitable that anyone who becomes a social worker will eventually end up functioning as the “resource” person for their family and friends, particularly when something happens to them that they are sure you just might know something Read more

Practice 3 Comments

This whole experience is puzzling to you. This is not what you envisioned for your field practicum. You had not heard of anyone else having this type of situation with this field agency; in fact, you’d heard quite the opposite. Read more

Field Placement

Students frequently question, “Why is yet another person involved in my field practicum? Can’t I just work with the practicum director?” Students commonly react, saying, “I just want to do my practicum…I don’t have time for any more meetings.” Read more

Field Placement


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