A Taiwanese social work student went to Xiamen, China, to participate in an international student exchange with an early childhood intervention program. Disabled people in China are largely invisible in public spaces and need more services, she says Read more


Karen Fernbaugh Roy sustained a spinal cord injury during an armed robbery while in college. She later became a social worker and now holds the title of Ms. Wheelchair America. Read more

Practice 3 Comments

Using community-chosen terminology is an important means of respecting the identities and autonomy of disabled clients and other disabled individuals. Read more


Disabled women are at significant risk of experiencing severe domestic violence. Social workers must become informed about the issue and work to become better allies. Read more

Practice 2 Comments

Rich Kenney recalls a conversation about MLK Day among four teenagers in a van. It's the kind of conversation you might hear any day of the year if you're a social worker. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2018

Crossing the Line - a poem by social worker Rich H. Kenney, Jr., on recess, stigma, and finding common ground. Read more

Creative Work

Social workers must become better allies and culturally competent regarding the needs and voices of marginalized groups, because we are ethically bound to fulfill this task. Read more



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