Fall 2009

Many of my students have found the interviewing process to be a very positive experience. In an open-ended interview, conversation flows in a natural and spontaneous way; the researcher has the opportunity to ask questions that occur to him or her as Read more


Compassion fatigue, which can include Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS), has been documented fairly frequently and experienced by many child welfare workers. What is not as common, however, is the number of studies that appear to have been completed Read more

Practice 1 Comments

Bringing yoga into my outpatient facility has become the bridge between the predominantly cerebral work that we, as social workers and clinicians, do with our clients and the bodily, sensorial experience of emotional pain and trauma, which is Read more


Using dance therapeutically—to lift spirits or remove evil spirits—is ancient, as well. Dance has been an important part of self-expression, ceremonial and religious events, and health in most cultures throughout history. For example, medicine men Read more

Practice 1 Comments

This fall semester ushers in a brand new chapter for me. I left my job as editor and Web manager of our city magazine in August, and now I am a full-time student. I wake up some mornings with an odd sense of uncertainty. I left my comfort zone. Like Read more

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Are you fit enough? Do you have the stamina to endure your social work field practicum experiences? You probably haven’t given these questions the faintest consideration, because they are not commonly the questions we associate with beginning a field Read more

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