Fall 2010

Book reviews published in the Fall 2010 issue of The New Social Worker magazine. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

The topics of belief systems, values, and spirituality are becoming increasingly accepted by the social work profession as important domains on which social workers should be educated (Hugen & Scales, 2002). The source of these value or belief system Read more


According to Delma Jackson, professor in the department of social work at Fayetteville State University, “The pace of global challenges suggests more is needed than classroom theory and internship practice. Future social workers have to be ready with Read more


There is a silent epidemic that is devastating and destroying the lives of our country’s most vulnerable citizens. The epidemic is known as child abuse and neglect, and it is having some catastrophic effects on the health and well-being of our Read more


What does a public health TB social worker do? When a social worker hears this question, many thoughts may go through his or her head. These thoughts may include: I just set up a guy with food stamps today. Yesterday, I referred someone to a mental Read more


The Code of Ethics requires social workers to value the worth and dignity of all individuals. Working with foreign-born clients requires a certain level of understanding in regard to country of origin history, norms, and values. Lessons I learned Read more


If supervisors start setting firm, realistic expectations; if they make the placement into a true outside-the-textbook learning experience; if they critique and intervene collaboratively and balance time wisely; what do future social workers gain? Read more

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