Fall 2015

Publisher's Thoughts - Fall 2015

Publisher/editor Linda May Grobman summarizes the Fall 2015 issue of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER magazine. Read more

Linda's Agenda

You have your social work degree(s), and you have a job. What else do you need to sustain a long and healthy career in social work? Here are some of the tools you should have in your “Professional Social Worker Toolkit.” Read more

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Animals and social work are connected through animal-assisted therapy, veterinary social work, and programs for people and pets in crisis. Read more

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Like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, social workers sometimes need help. Whether it’s friends, family, or therapists, remember—we can’t do it alone. But we don’t have to. Read more

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We met for some grueling and tough talks. We also asked the hospice nurse to join us for a session, and Joe’s questions became more and more intense as she explained the concept of hospice and said the word “death.” Read more


Proxies play an important role in the lives of people who lack mental capacity, making key decisions on their behalf. Acting as a proxy can be very interesting and meaningful work. When deciding whether to act as a proxy, consider benefits and risks. Read more


Developing leadership that moves an organization toward antiracist multicultural practice requires understanding the dominant culture, redefining concepts of leadership to include diverse perspectives, and maintaining accountability. Read more

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My hope is that you will incorporate the rights of LGBTQ individuals in your lives, advocate for LGBTQ individuals in your schools, workplaces, homes, communities, places of worship, so another death like that of Lawrence King does not happen again. Read more


Social workers can be media savvy. We need to educate the public, engage new segments of our community in problem solving, and advance new understanding of pressing concerns and the resources, services, and supports to address them. Read more


The beginning of any life-changing event is difficult. I want to offer a few simple tips that I learned through this process that may help other students succeed in the first months of social work graduate school. Read more

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Social workers who have had contact with systems of care hold a degree of knowledge of how it feels to seek out services. An understanding of what can make the mental health system easier to navigate can be incredibly useful for service providers. Read more

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Book review of Behavioral Neuroscience for the Human Services. Read more

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Book review of 100 Ways To Start Smart and Get Ahead in Your Career. Read more

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Book review of Citizenship and Mental Health. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Book review of Creative Supervision Across Modalities: Theory and Applications for Therapists, Counsellors and Other Helping Professions. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Book review of In Our Hands: The Struggle for U.S. Child Care Policy. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

When it comes to suicide, language matters. This article by experts Jonathan Singer and Sean Erreger explains preferred and problematic terminology, and includes an illustrative example. Read more

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