Fall 2019

You have concerns about a social work colleague's conduct. What are your ethical obligations? What is the best way to proceed? Reporting to the National Association of Social Workers is one option. Is it warranted, and what does it entail? Read more


Completing your social work field placement away from home, in another country or state, takes emotional fortitude. It also provides rich experiences that will change your life. Read more

Field Placement

Quick response (QR) codes can become a tool for any social worker to serve the public in a positive way. Read more


Wouldn't it be great if your GPS led you to your career destination? It won't, but you can map out your social work career path with these strategic steps. Read more


Bernice Harper

Photo credit: Robert Carter Arnold

Social work has a long tradition of outstanding women leaders. Dr. Bernice Harper is a leader who continues to inspire well past retirement. Learn from her 70-year social work career. Read more


Fall brings a new academic year and new digital technologies for social work students. Here is your back-to-school pep talk and tech toolkit, all rolled into one. Read more


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are not just for techies. They are offering more and more courses of interest to social workers. And you can take them in your pajamas. Read more

Education & Credentials

Is a macro social work license necessary? #MacroSW hosted a Twitter chat on the topic of macro-level social work licensure. The following questions were posed to the participants. Read more

Practice 2 Comments

Susan Mankita reviews Ethics and Values in Social Work: An Integrated Approach for a Comprehensive Curriculum - Second Edition. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Book Review of Stress, Trauma, and Decision-Making for Social Workers Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Book Review of Headcase: LGBTQ Writers and Artists on Mental Health and Wellness Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Peter Kindle reviews Squeezed: Why Our Families Can't Afford America. Read more

Reviews & Commentary


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