The question, “What are you?” is frequently directed at multiracial people and implies they are "not normal." The new comedy Mixed-ish addresses issues of a biracial family. A model of multiracial cultural attunement for social workers is presented. Read more


The characters in Shoplifters will continue to live with you. They can never be forgotten. The enormity of all they teach, now and upon reflection, is incalculable. Read more

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"The Tale," premiering on HBO on May 26, 2018, tells the true story of filmmaker Jennifer Fox's coming to terms with her childhood sexual abuse. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

The award-winning Amazon original series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, concentrates on universal challenges social workers know well—separation from parents, individuation, marital fulfillment, professional direction, and balancing of responsibilities. Read more

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Addison Cooper goes to the movies and reviews Mully, Coco, and Daddy's Home 2 through a social work lens. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Book review of The Genogram Casebook: A Clinical Companion to Genograms: Assessment and Intervention. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

In August 2014, social worker Rosita Mazzi visited the United States and the office of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER. During that time, Mazzi presented her research to the Pennsylvania Chapter of NASW and to Temple University Harrisburg social work students. Read more


The first time I had to report one of my families, I felt anything but fine. Read more


The New Social Worker publisher/editor Linda May Grobman looks back at the most popular articles of 2015 and looks ahead to 2016 as the new year approaches. Read more

Linda's Agenda

I can typically help a couple save their marriage if they are emotionally invested enough to hate each other. Adults who grew up in divorced households enter marriage with a series of unique strengths conducive to building a happy marriage. Read more

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Book review of Failing Our Fathers: Confronting the Crisis of Economically Vulnerable Nonresident Fathers Read more

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Genograms are a practical tool in social work practice, both in terms of assessment and intervention. This article explores their use in social work practice and provides instructions for creating a genogram in Microsoft Word. Read more

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A story of loss, change, growing older, and difficult family conversations Read more

Social Work Month 2015 2 Comments

For many new social workers, working with families has become an uphill struggle. Still, families need help and social workers are trained to help. So how do we mix the two? Read more

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Most parents did not grow up in the digital age, but their children create whole worlds and friendship circles through the Internet. The value of these technologies in children’s lives is hotly debated. Read more


Building Bridges Internationally: Rosita Mazzi Visits The New Social Worker Headquarters From Italy

Rosita Mazzi, a social worker from Italy, visited The New Social Worker office in Pennsylvania and shared ideas and research with students and social workers at Temple university and PA NASW. Read more

Linda's Agenda

Assessments are a part of social work intervention. Why do we need technology assessments? Never in our history has information and social connection been so available to teenagers. Read more

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