Gary Bachman

Gary Bachman

Gary Bachman, MSSW, is an Associate Professor of Social Work at Park University in Parkville, Missouri.  

One of the guards rattled his giant ring of old keys and asked me if I wanted to see "the brain museum." Seriously. I'd heard rumors about this peculiar collection of cranial content, but the potential reality had thus far only been that: a rumor. Read more


Gary Bachman, associate professor of social work at Park University, reflects on the shootings at a Jewish Community Center and geriatric home in Overland Park, KS, on April 13, 2014. Read more


And the years evaporated. I knew her story in a flash. It was all there. Mark (Dr. O’Neil) had called at about 9 p.m. on a Friday evening from Labor & Delivery, his voice reflecting an uncommon measure of distress. Read more


The current volume and distribution of personnel returning from overseas rural as well as urban environments, virtually demands that all social workers must be prepared to recognize and professionally respond to emerging needs. Read more

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