What? Another group project? Social workers and social work students often work in groups. Learn to embrace the process. Read more


I was offered the opportunity to develop a group curriculum at my first year placement.The group, Pathway to Poetry, was meant to be a journey in which clients would find and develop their inner voice. Read more

Practice 1 Comments

The Right Balance is important in group work, as this poem tells us. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2016

Not all that long ago in our culture, creative pursuits were more commonplace. People kept personal journals, painted watercolor studies of their gardens, sketched while on vacation, and repurposed objects like spools and used bottles into toys or Read more


Social work supervision groups can be theme-centered, case-centered, or worker-centered. Read more


Groups come in all kinds. Therapy groups. Support groups. Task groups. Psychoeducational groups. Online groups. Play groups. Experiential groups. Art groups. Drumming groups. Co-facilitated groups. Child groups. Adult groups. Family groups. The list Read more

Social Work Books

In leading my first group, I learned many things. I learned the leader is most active in structuring the first and last sessions. Read more


When considering the possibility of a group, I was concerned with taking students out of the classroom, confidentiality, and whether or not they would be interested in participating. The school could provide a safe environment for this unique group Read more


Senior year is a time of excitement. Graduation is close at hand, and now everything we have learned can be applied in a field placement. This student explores empowerment through group process. Read more

Field Placement

Many social work students may ask themselves, “What is a task group? Why should I be concerned with what makes a task group run more effectively?” The majority of students have already participated in a task group, but may not have called it by name. Read more



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