International social work

A Taiwanese social work student went to Xiamen, China, to participate in an international student exchange with an early childhood intervention program. Disabled people in China are largely invisible in public spaces and need more services, she says Read more


Completing your social work field placement away from home, in another country or state, takes emotional fortitude. It also provides rich experiences that will change your life. Read more

Field Placement

Regardless of practice setting, job role, or cultural context, social work colleagues across the globe agree on the urgency of practitioner depletion/burnout as a professional concern. Read more

, Self Care

I am not like other 19-year-olds. I never had much of a childhood. Back in Africa, I didn't go to school. There are possibilities here. In social work school. At Chadron State College. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2018

There are certain points in your career that will be engraved in you, the memory of which will be at your side as much as you might try to distance yourself. It is a moment like this that I will try to convey to you as concisely as is possible. Read more


Social Work Day at the UN 2017

The 34th annual Social Work Day at the United Nations (UN) was held on April 17, 2017. Watch the webcast here. Read more

Social Work News

I am amazed and grateful that I was so fortunate to fall in love with the social work profession as a 20-year-old direct service provider and stay in love as a 59-year-old social work faculty member. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2016

A social work advisor and student from Italy have a conversation about what they have learned from each other. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2016

I believe that each of us has a life-defining moment that changes the way we view things - a moment when something inside us shifts and causes us to find ourselves realizing what we are truly passionate about. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2016 3 Comments

Santa Marta

Jessica Bazan

Reverse culture shock is normal. In an attempt to prepare others coming back from study abroad or intense international travel programs, here are some suggestions for how to cope with guilt, loss, and other feelings when you return home. Read more

Practice 3 Comments

The mishap of a catastrophic earthquake has left the entire country of Nepal in deep sorrow, grief, and pain. Social workers can play a vital role in providing services to those in need. Read more


Interest in international social work has been growing in recent decades. You can do international social work without leaving home by working with refugees. Read more


Goonj launches NJPC – A Million Voices - A global campaign to shun the shame and silence around menses

Goonj, an India-based nonprofit, has launched the NJPC - A Million Voices campaign, bringing together a million voices shunning the taboo on menses. Read more

Social Work News

Building Bridges Internationally: Rosita Mazzi Visits The New Social Worker Headquarters From Italy

Rosita Mazzi, a social worker from Italy, visited The New Social Worker office in Pennsylvania and shared ideas and research with students and social workers at Temple university and PA NASW. Read more

Linda's Agenda

The most important thing that I ever learned as a social worker is how to do a needs assessment. I was in Africa five years ago and went again in August and September of 2013. What has changed since then? What has stayed the same? Read more


International Social Work at Touro College Graduate School of Social Work Community Day

Touro College Graduate School of Social Work Community Day in Fall 2013 focused on international social work. Read more

Social Work News

As Director of NGOabroad, I assist people to get into international humanitarian work, either paid or voluntary. This article explores the challenges and how to get your foot in the door for paid international social work. Read more

Careers 3 Comments

Various interesting jobs serving different client populations are available all over the world. These include working with students in international elementary schools and universities, seeing clients for in-patient or out-patient psychotherapy, Read more



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