Karen Zgoda

Karen Zgoda wrote THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER magazine's "SW 2.0" column from Spring 2009 through Fall 2011.

There are a number of reasons for social workers to consider incorporating as a benefit corporation. Benefit corporations must be committed to creating a public benefit in addition to generating a profit. Read more

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We typically think about how to avoid retraumatizing our clients. But what about considering a trauma-informed approach to the systems in which we work? How can we build system-wide policies and practices that minimize retraumatization? Read more

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#MacroSW is a hashtag used for weekly Twitter chats on macro social work topics. Read more

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John McNutt has done much work in social work and technology. He has helped agencies with their technology, used it in his courses, and done research on how it works in the field. He has also written quite a lot about technology in social work Read more


This semester, you will finally learn to master the intricate nuances of APA style. According to the American Psychological Association (, “[APA] style consists of rules or guidelines that a publisher observes to ensure clear Read more



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