This fictional case describes a situation where a local government is challenging the tax-exempt status of an organization that historically has been exempt from local property taxes. Read more

Nonprofit Management

This fictional case describes a sitution where a board member whose family is a key donor is disruptive. Read more

Nonprofit Management

The purpose of these pages is to provide the best educational materials about nonprofit sector management for FREE online. As this site is developed, we will be providing original and previously published material in the form of books, articles, and Read more

Nonprofit Management

This ethics scenario focuses on a CEO who must make budget cuts, and purposely targets for cuts programs she expects her board will restore or raise client fees, rather than more discretionary spending, such as conferences and staff retreats. Read more

Nonprofit Ethics

This ethics scenario considers a situation where a board member hang outs with the staff in the organizational offices and meddles. Read more

Nonprofit Ethics


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