Mary Pender Greene

Mary Pender Greene

Mary Pender Greene, LCSW-R, CGP, is an organizational consultant, psychotherapist in private practice, career/executive coach, professional speaker, and co-founder of the AntiRacist Alliance. She has a passion for assisting organizations in addressing structural racism and is committed to the advancement of women and People of Color in leadership roles. Her background also includes executive and management responsibility for America’s largest nonprofit–the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. Mary is the author of Creative Mentorship and Career Building Strategies: How to Build Your Virtual Board of Directors.

The final installment of the Achieving Racial Equity Through Social Work series focuses on taking action. Read more

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Internalized racial oppression is a multigenerational process of accepting social messaging about one’s standing in society and one’s comparative value. Read more

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Previously, we explored the Undoing Racism® principle of analyzing power (see Now, we examine our roles as gatekeepers and our responsibility to identify and analyze manifestations of racism. Read more

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In this article, we focus on networking as crucial to finding and developing partners who can join together and mobilize for change in regard to achieving racial equity. Read more

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Developing leadership that moves an organization toward antiracist multicultural practice requires understanding the dominant culture, redefining concepts of leadership to include diverse perspectives, and maintaining accountability. Read more

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As you learn to see subtle, usually unintentional,manifestations of racial inequity in your organization, the next steps you can take to create change become clearer. Read more

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The second principle identified by the People's Institute is Learning from History. Race history in America is filled with pain and confusion. It is impossible to understand this history without appreciating the powerful role of historical trauma. Read more

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Racial equity work requires recognizing systemic oppression and changing the way systems function. To do this, we must be guided by a set of principles that help us identify barriers and pitfalls, and lead us in learning skills and strategies to Read more

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We represent an alliance of thousands of antiracist social workers in the Northeast United States, connected to a national effort to undo structural racism. Why this column? Why is achieving racial equity still an important focus for social work? Read more

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Book review of Strategies for Deconstructing Racism in the Health and Human Services Read more

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