Macro social workers asked: What constitutes a protest song? On the surface, this seems straightforward - a topical song with a focus on social justice and social change. That said, the best songs are propelled by their themes and their quality. more

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The documentary film Step follows Blessin, Cori, Tayla, and their teammates on the Lethal Ladies step team. more

Reviews & Commentary

What do we do when we are blue about the events of the day? Dr. Jules Gilliam performs her original song (with music by Robert Hitz) that says when a tragedy happens in the world, you can just send love to it. more

Creative Work

An original song about monsters in your head. "Singing this song in front of the whole student body meant that my heart was about to ooze out of my mouth, roll off my tongue, and touch the small worlds that were the hearts of everyone in the room." more

Social Work Month Project 2016

Blissfully Asleep, a musical composition by USC social work graduate student Nils de Mol van Otterloo. more

Social Work Month 2015 1 Comments

The song Cease Fire was recorded on the Family of Friends CD released at the Kerrville Folk Festival in 1991. Cease Fire is a political message about the importance of preserving our environment. Performed by Susan Martin and others. more

Social Work Month 2015 1 Comments

Amy Sugeno, LCSW, sings her original song about adoption, "A Thousand Times." more

Social Work Month 2015 3 Comments

Florida Intenational University social work student and accomplished classical guitarist Fabian Carrera plays Vivaldi Concerto in D Major. more

Social Work Month 2015

St. Olaf College BSW students Claire DeWind and Kate Panning sing an original song, "Social Workin.'" more

Social Work Month 2015

The song "Survivor" was recorded on the Family of Friends CD that was released at the Kerrville Folk Festival in 1991. Survivor, an uplifting tune about resilience, was co-written by social work professor Susan Martin and Jim Daniel. more

Social Work Month 2015 1 Comments

Glory - A Song of Justice and Freedom

The song "Glory" from the movie Selma won the Golden Globe, as well as the Oscar for Best Original Song. more

Linda's Agenda

A review of the film, Alive Inside, which follows social worker Dan Cohen in his work to provide personalized music to nursing home residents with Alzheimer's disease. Systemic issues in the healthcare and nursing home systems are also pointed out. more

Reviews & Commentary

A St. Patrick's Day Musical Interlude

Sometimes some quiet music is all you need to nourish your soul. Enjoy this quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of your day. Listen as Sir James Galway plays Danny Boy. more

Linda's Agenda

I came to social work from an interest and longing to understand people and the way in which individuals communicate. My musical education encouraged me to be a performer for the masses, but my love of music took me to a different place. more

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Social work and music have always been intertwined for me. Lately, I have been hearing more and more about social workers who use music and the other arts in their work. It seems like a natural fit. more

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Social workers who love incorporating music into their work might consider additional training in music therapy or therapeutic music. But even those not interested in such practices themselves might consider incorporating the services of such more


Rap music, hip-hop, and social work may seem like an unlikely combination. They may, in fact, seem contradictory, because of rap's themes of misogyny, violence, and racism-but some social workers find hip-hop not only a possible but highly beneficial more



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