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While she was certainly a challenge, and not at all what I envisioned, Ms. B taught me that I should strive to enter any new client situation with perseverance, patience, compassion, empathy, and maybe a few emergency butter packets. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2017

One of the best parts of starting a private practice is that you can take it slowly. You can rent an office full time or for just a few hours a week. If you are ambivalent, I think it is worth finding out how it feels by giving it a shot. Read more

Real World Clinical 1 Comments

Book review of The Ethics of Private Practice, by Jeffrey E. Barnett, Jeffrey Zimmerman, & Steven Walfish, reviewed by Mila Ruiz Tecala. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

The NASW Code of Ethics does not mention private practice, per does not specifically condone or support private practice, and it does not reject or warn against private practice. It does, however, include a number of relevant ethical standard Read more

Ethics 2 Comments

I have five kids and I did it. It was not always easy, but whenever social workers or therapists who are moms, or who want to be moms, ask me how I built a full-time private practice with small children at home, I am quick to say that it really is po Read more


After gaining some years of experience under my belt and conducting much research about the business aspects of private practice, I felt confident to venture into this territory of social work, but not without first taking the following steps. Read more

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If you are contemplating that jump to private practice in social work, how do you know whether you are ready or not? Given appropriate licensing and experience, you will still have to make that inner decision to go ahead. Read more


You've just completed your second year in your first post-graduate social work job. The paperwork is killing you. Supervisors are hounding you. Your salary is barely supporting you. You begin making inquiries about private practice, starting your Read more



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