Adaptability is a muscle that requires exercise like any other muscle we want to flex. In the field of social work, the art of adaptability is what can set us apart from the pack, allowing us to become leaders who set an example. Read more


Perseverance. Strengths. Resiliency. Motivation. These familiar words are more than just good terms for case notes and programming. Through challenging experiences, these principles have formed my self-care philosophy. Read more

Self Care

Resilience isn't about eliminating anxiety, fear, or uncertainty. Resilience allows us to face challenges with greater confidence and ability to bounce back. Self-concordant goals, physical well-being, and emotional well-being are included. Read more

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Amidst toxic racism and stark poverty, George Dawson demonstrated incredible personal resilience. This entry elucidates four more of Dawson’s compelling lessons of resilience for self-care inspiration, from his book, Life is So Good. Read more

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Vicarious resilience is a form of self-care. In contrast to vicarious trauma, vicarious resilience refers to the positive impact of hearing how others cope with trauma and difficulties. Seek out stories of resilience to inspire self-care. Read more

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