Perseverance. Strengths. Resiliency. Motivation. These familiar words are more than just good terms for case notes and programming. Through challenging experiences, these principles have formed my self-care philosophy. Read more

Self Care

Resilience isn't about eliminating anxiety, fear, or uncertainty. Resilience allows us to face challenges with greater confidence and ability to bounce back. Self-concordant goals, physical well-being, and emotional well-being are included. Read more

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Amidst toxic racism and stark poverty, George Dawson demonstrated incredible personal resilience. This entry elucidates four more of Dawson’s compelling lessons of resilience for self-care inspiration, from his book, Life is So Good. Read more

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Vicarious resilience is a form of self-care. In contrast to vicarious trauma, vicarious resilience refers to the positive impact of hearing how others cope with trauma and difficulties. Seek out stories of resilience to inspire self-care. Read more

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