Social Worker Safety

There are pervasive public and media misconceptions of the social work profession. The public’s perception will begin to align with increased visibility of the diverse roles social workers play, coupled with a realistic portrayal by the media. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2017 1 Comments

When first starting out, making a home visit to see a client can be an intimidating and even frightening experience for social workers. Yet, in many areas of practice, the majority of client contact is “in the field,” which typically means seeing a Read more

Practice 2 Comments

Compassion fatigue and burn-out are rampant in the social services, and is it any wonder? If we feel in danger frequently and are given no way to assure our own safety, few will stay long without suffering grave consequences. Poor health, failing Read more


Boni Frederick: 67 years old. Social Service Aide. I did not know her, but I respected her just the same—her work, her accomplishments, her life. She was a partner, if you will: A partner in ensuring the protection of the greatest gift that humankind Read more


Probably few social work students or new practitioners realize when they enter the field that they may be a target for assault. Yet threats of violence and actual violence occur more frequently than even experienced social workers care to admit, acco Read more



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