Sexual Abuse

"The Tale," premiering on HBO on May 26, 2018, tells the true story of filmmaker Jennifer Fox's coming to terms with her childhood sexual abuse. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

With the recent allegations of serial sexual offenses against Harvey Weinstein, and the widespread response to the #MeToo campaign, we review the impacts of sexual assault, harassment, and coercive control. Read more

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So often, when we think of victims or survivors of interpersonal violence, specifically sexual assault, we think of girls and women. In reality and throughout history, boys and men have also experienced sexual violence. Read more

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Victim to Survivor is a reverse poem, meant to be read top to bottom and then from bottom back to the top. Written by UNC Charlotte BSW student Sarah Stevenson and performed by Winthrop University MSW student Shalesha Smith. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2017

To successfully treat children who have been sexually abused, several paradigm shifts are required. This means, primarily, that we need to reconceptualize the possible scope of sexual abuse. Read more

Real World Clinical

I always imagine there is at least one child in that room who is being abused or neglected or having some trouble being understood. I am speaking directly to that child; I just don’t know which one it is...yet. Read more


“Weapon of War” exposes the atrocities of rape and war through the voices of militia men and a few female survivors. The film opens with five statements that describe the methods and motives of the Congolese militia men. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

A Childhood Remembered

Photo credit: Luis Pabon

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This spoken word piece, Dirty Toys by Luis Pabon, explores the oftentimes blighted development of childhood sufferers of adverse childhood experiences. Read more

Creative Work

Human sex trafficking is an important issue for social workers. This poem is written from a young girl's point of view, by DeAnn Newhouse, Shippensburg University social work student. Read more

Social Work Month 2015

Social worker SaraKay Smullens discusses child sexual abuse and why it is important to speak out about it. Read more

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The topics of belief systems, values, and spirituality are becoming increasingly accepted by the social work profession as important domains on which social workers should be educated (Hugen & Scales, 2002). The source of these value or belief system Read more


As a victim and survivor of incestuous rape and the by-product of a dysfunctional environment, Amerah is winning the race. She has become a compelling voice on the subject of childhood sexual abuse. This is her story. Read more

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