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LinkedIn is the most powerful networking site available today. Have you created your professional profile and checked out all the site has to offer your social work career? Read more

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Spending face-to-face time with colleagues at conferences is invigorating. Technology can enrich the experience. Social workers relate their favorite ways to use tech at conferences. Read more

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Social workers must become better allies and culturally competent regarding the needs and voices of marginalized groups, because we are ethically bound to fulfill this task. Read more


Live broadcasting can be a great tool to connect with our clients/community, share resources, and normalize mental health. As social workers venturing into this online world, we must uphold our ethical and professional boundaries. Read more


#MacroSW is a hashtag used for weekly Twitter chats on macro social work topics. Read more

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What is the role of technology in school-based suicide prevention? Think of technology as a fork. You can eat salad with a fork, or you can stab someone in the leg. Much like a fork, technology can be part of the problem or part of the solution. Read more


The New Social Worker publisher/editor Linda May Grobman looks back at the most popular articles of 2015 and looks ahead to 2016 as the new year approaches. Read more

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Social Worker on the Shelf with client

Stephen Baldridge

Linda is the Social Worker on the Shelf. According to her Instagram account (s_w_ontheshelf), Social Worker on the Shelf is sent by the state board elves every December to magically show the skills/knowledge/ethics of a competent social worker. Read more

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As you engage on social media, you might finally feel like you’re taking control of your brand, until you receive a Facebook friend request from your client. The ethical dilemmas are immediate, and hopefully you’re prepared when and if this happens. Read more

Your Social Work Brand

Just because we are "social" workers, it doesn’t mean we all gain energy from endless outward interaction. What’s true in both personal branding and social work is the value of relationships. Social media can be instrumental in forging connections. Read more

Your Social Work Brand

Twitter for Social Workers - Beginner's Edition, with Dr. Kristie Holmes

Have you wanted to connect with other social workers on Twitter, but you aren't sure how? Watch a Google hangout on Twitter basics with Dr. Kristie Holmes and Linda Grobman. Read more

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Are emotions contagious? Emotional contagion in social media occurs when an emotional state or mood, such as happiness or sadness, can be spread unknowingly between people through reading posts, tweets, blogs, and so forth. Read more


SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE A HAMMER, a tool that is rigidly used, or PUTTY, a tool that is flexible. There are human benefits and casualties. Let's teach our kids how to reduce the casualties and advance the benefits. Maybe this poem can be a start. Read more

Social Work Month 2015

Twenty years ago, I relied on my supervisor, co-workers, trainings, community meetings, and organizational newsletters to develop my networking with colleagues. Advances in technology offer global access to resources, enabling a richness and depth to Read more


This ethics scenario focuses on the ethical implications of a nonprofit organization staff member's increasing use of the Internet for personal use, including playing games and posting on Facebook, during working hours. Read more

Nonprofit Ethics

This ethics scenario looks at the ethics of a nonprofit organization CEO friending her staff on Facebook. Read more

Nonprofit Ethics

This scenario looks at the ethics of posting private information about clients on a restricted social media page, and the ethics of firing a staff member who does this. Read more

Nonprofit Ethics


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