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Submitting a first academic paper for publication can be scary. What if your "blind" reviewer asked to talk to you and review your paper line by line? Mentoring is difficult AND has rewards for both the mentor and the mentee. Read more

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I am sure that the phrase, "Those who can’t do, teach," is not exclusive to the social work discipline, but from the conversations I’ve had with other students in my field, I’d say that academia is not usually the objective for most. Read more


Publishing peer-reviewed articles is considered the coin of the realm in academia. In today’s market, even newly minted social work Ph.D.s will already be expected to have peer-reviewed articles in their portfolios if they hope to be competitive in Read more


By happy accident, my proposal was accepted for presentation at the 2007 Annual Program Meeting (APM) of the Council on Social Work Education. Accordingly, I decided to test the academic job market without my degree in hand. Forty-two e-mails netted Read more


Opportunities are available for social workers who want to pursue a Ph.D. While a Ph.D. is required for most college and university teaching positions, not everyone with a Ph.D. ends up in front of a classroom. Read more

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