Social Work Student

Do you want to be the social work student who completes the bare minimum requirements to get your degree? Or the student who stands out above the rest? Read more

Education & Credentials 1 Comments

I didn't know what I wanted to major in. Then, one day I realized my passion for social justice. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2017 2 Comments

Finding balance as a mom and a student has not been easy....being flexible and letting go of “we’ve always done it this way” may just be the single most important thing I master when it comes to being present for my family while working on my MSW. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2017 2 Comments

A native of Cherkasy, a town in Ukraine, Alina Kheyson is pursuing her MSW at Touro College Graduate School of Social Work. Read more


University of Louisville social work student responds to the book, This I Believe. Read more

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