Spring 2009

Book review of Children of Methamphetamine Involved Families: The Case of Rural Illinois Read more

Reviews & Commentary

I’ve been told there are two kinds of therapists: therapists who have had a client suicide and therapists who have not had a client suicide, yet. I was a student the first time I heard this statement. I thought it had no relevance to me. Read more

Field Placement

It seems that a growing number of social workers are marrying their professions to art or photo therapy to enhance their practices. H. Mari Pizanis arrived at art therapy from the practice and later teaching of fine art. She has a master’s in fine Read more


After gaining some years of experience under my belt and conducting much research about the business aspects of private practice, I felt confident to venture into this territory of social work, but not without first taking the following steps. Read more

Careers 5 Comments

By happy accident, my proposal was accepted for presentation at the 2007 Annual Program Meeting (APM) of the Council on Social Work Education. Accordingly, I decided to test the academic job market without my degree in hand. Forty-two e-mails netted Read more


As I began my second year of graduate school, I knew it was going to be more challenging. With field practicum, four classes instead of the usual two, and 30 hours at the city magazine where I am an editor, I was not expecting it to be easy. Read more

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