Spring 2013

Regardless of the type of social work being practiced, or the setting it is practiced in, every problem and issue social work clients bring into a session has a financial component: homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, job and/or healthcare loss, Read more

Practice 1 Comments

Continuing education adds to ongoing professional growth. Many states' social work licensing boards require a minimum number of hours. What is your continuing education attitude, and does it need to be adjusted? Read more

Education & Credentials 2 Comments

I am currently in my first year of a master’s program in social work that is tailored to working professionals. While reflecting on what I have gained from the program thus far, I came to one main conclusion: the importance of practical experience is Read more

Field Placement

As the use of cell phones, e-mail, texting, social networking, and other technology grows, social workers are facing many challenges about the appropriate use and limits on use of such technologies. Unfortunately, many agencies are embracing new Read more

Ethics 4 Comments


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