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Practically no one pursuing higher education comes away without some accumulation of loan debt before graduating college or graduate school. The debt tends to be more burdensome for social work graduates than others because their salaries, as a rule, Read more

Education & Credentials

An interview with (former) Association of Social Work Boards Executive Director Donna DeAngelis, LICSW, ACSW, by Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D. Read more

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Nephrology (dialysis) social work is within the realm of medical social work but is very unique. The patients vary in age and degree of physical health, come from diverse backgrounds, and have a vast array of need. The work in this setting is Read more

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It is no wonder that students just want to be done with their field placements; they want their lives back. But when a student is running toward graduation like someone running from a house fire, closing with clients can too often be overlooked. Read more

Practice 1 Comments

As I begin my final column, it has been four days since I walked across the stage to receive my diploma after earning a master’s degree in social work. I finished classes in late April and had finals the following week. I also had an exam for the Read more

Education & Credentials

New social worker anxiety syndrome (NSWAS) is not an official DSM diagnosis. But if it were, the symptoms might include: Cluster A (must include one of the following): Anxiety related to: working in individual, family, or group modalities Read more

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After years of school, you’ve finally graduated with your master’s degree in social work. You are relieved, ecstatic, and...petrified! You are plagued by the thought that you didn’t learn enough and that you really don’t know what you’re doing! You Read more

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You find a social work agency that you believe would be the perfect place for your field practicum, only to discover that it is not on the list of agencies sanctioned by your school of social work. You feel passionate about being placed with this Read more

Field Placement

As advocates for social justice and the welfare of clients, social workers should be among the forefront of whistle blowers (Greene & Latting, 2004; Mansbach & Bachner, 2008). So, what types of guidance does the NASW Code of Ethics (2008) provide for Read more


John McNutt has done much work in social work and technology. He has helped agencies with their technology, used it in his courses, and done research on how it works in the field. He has also written quite a lot about technology in social work Read more



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