The New Social Worker's Top 3 Articles - First Half of 2019!

Thank you to The New Social Worker's readers for being with us in the first half of 2019! I love bringing great social work articles to life in the magazine and on our website. Here are our top 3 new articles for the first half of 2019. Read more

Linda's Agenda

Attempting to circumvent the social work profession’s title and mission does us all harm. I thank my first supervisor every year for educating me about social work and disabusing me of the misconceptions I had about the profession. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2019

Supervision is critical to gaining independent social work licensure. However, that supervision must be “earned” according to a specific set of requirements. Make sure you know and follow the requirements. Read more

Education & Credentials 1 Comments

Some conversations may not feel comfortable, but they are necessary. It is hard to do with our clients what we cannot do for ourselves. Tips are provided for difficult conversations with your social work field supervisor. Read more

Field Placement 1 Comments

The 6-month mark in your new job is a good time to assess how things are going. Consider these six issues that may be areas of concern. Read more

Careers 2 Comments

New social work graduates, your freshness will infuse essential energy into the minds of your clients and your agencies alike. We are lucky to have you! Read more

Real World Clinical

Supervision ought to be where wisdom is shared, clinical voices are cultivated, and cases are conceptualized. Given this inarguable level of import, let’s talk about what makes supervision good and what makes supervision bad. Read more

Real World Clinical 2 Comments

Book review of Constructive Clinical Supervision in Counseling and Psychotherapy. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Book review of Creative Supervision Across Modalities: Theory and Applications for Therapists, Counsellors and Other Helping Professions. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Good supervisors can take you to incredible heights. They help you learn to fly, providing the wind beneath you, and providing a net for when you fall. A shoulder is offered at just the right times, and assurance is given regarding your abilities. Read more


Book review of Practical Supervision by Penny Henderson, Jim Holloway, and Anthea Millar. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

I am now the manager of my department, supervising a group of passionate, committed staff, some of whom are more than a decade older than I. Although I was fully aware of this fact when I accepted the position, it didn’t negate my discomfort Read more


The first day of field can bring anxiety and excitement. You may ask yourself a lot of questions. Am I cut out for this? How do I make a good first impression? How can I define my role? Do I have enough experience and knowledge to be a supervisor? Read more

Field Placement 2 Comments

Social work supervision groups can be theme-centered, case-centered, or worker-centered. Read more


When student interns and other new social workers are making decisions about where to work, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of field supervision. Ideally, you will have a supervisor who not only excels as a practitioner, Read more

Ethics 9 Comments

I had always looked down on telephone supervision as inferior to face-to-face meetings. I even held the idea that it was a compromise in the worst sense, maybe even a sell-out—a watered-down, weak tea version of the “real thing.” Read more



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