Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany Thompson has an MSW from Spalding University, Louisville, KY. She has strong interests in education, social justice, and children and youth, specifically in foster care. Fond of volunteering, she is an educational support tutor for the Every One Reads program. She is a contributor to The A-to-Z Self-Care Handbook for Social Workers and Other Helping Professionals.

A chance meeting prompted me to be thankful for all the blessings in my life. I am excited about my future career, and I am honored to be a social worker. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2017 4 Comments

In Being Mortal, which aired February 10, 2015, on Frontline (PBS), producer Tom Jennings and Dr. Atul Gwande showcase the exploration of the relationships between the terminally ill and their healthcare providers. Read more

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Every social worker has a tool bag equipped with gadgets to assist students and clients. Humor is one of many skills that can be applied in a variety of settings, including agencies and classrooms. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2016

“Weapon of War” exposes the atrocities of rape and war through the voices of militia men and a few female survivors. The film opens with five statements that describe the methods and motives of the Congolese militia men. Read more

Reviews & Commentary


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