Preventing veteran suicides is not so different from any other caring intervention, yet, being with a veteran does offer some unique challenges for social workers. Read more


In this article, a former VA social worker presents 11 reasons to consider a social work career in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Among them are innovation, mobility, salary, benefits, and more. Read more

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A story of a social worker working with a veteran illustrates how important nuggets of information can be deeply buried, and the power of dreams and simply listening. Read more


Technology in systems is only as good as the planning behind it. An example of needing a systems plan integrating technology is the current crisis in Veterans’ mental health and health care. Read more


This ethics scenario looks at an organization's board president who seeks to overturn a contract between the organization and a for-profit fundraiser because he feels the for-profit is benefiting much more than the charity and those it serves. Read more

Nonprofit Ethics

Bringing yoga into my outpatient facility has become the bridge between the predominantly cerebral work that we, as social workers and clinicians, do with our clients and the bodily, sensorial experience of emotional pain and trauma, which is Read more



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