Winter 2007

Anti-racism websites are listed. Read more


Changing jobs is among the more stressful life events modern man, or in this case woman, may encounter. The fact that I’m a clinical social worker didn’t exactly translate into instant immunity to the usual stress experienced by such an event. Read more


Aging is often viewed as the central component behind memory decline found in older adults. Intuitively, it appears quite straightforward; aging leads to memory decline. Yet, when problems in older adult memory happen, is the attribution of the aging Read more


Are you considering applying to graduate school but don’t know where to start? The pursuit of graduate education is a financial and personal investment. It’s important to make an informed decision before committing to a Master of Social Work program. Read more

Education & Credentials

Family is the most important factor of socialization for a number of reasons. It provides the settings for primary socialization and is responsible for accomplishing this process. Family provides the earliest human contact for an infant and has Read more


A social work student reflects on learning cultural competence in a field placement as a victim/witness advocate. Read more


Senior year is a time of excitement. Graduation is close at hand, and now everything we have learned can be applied in a field placement. This student explores empowerment through group process. Read more

Field Placement

My internship experience in HIV/AIDS reassured me that I am personally, emotionally, and professionally ready to begin the transition from student to social worker. I was fortunate to have an exceptional field experience. Read more

Field Placement


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