Winter 2011

Publishing peer-reviewed articles is considered the coin of the realm in academia. In today’s market, even newly minted social work Ph.D.s will already be expected to have peer-reviewed articles in their portfolios if they hope to be competitive in Read more


Are you experiencing Transition Shock? Wondering what expectations a professional role in a new social work job will bring? What is it about a job that makes it great? How do I get to there from here? The transition from active student to Read more

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You look at us and you don't understand us even though you were once us. We cut ourselves more than you think, we think about suicide more than you know, and labeling us angry is more convenient to you than it is an accurate assessment of who we are Read more


A colleague and I met over lunch to talk about some of our experiences, she as a child and youth worker and myself as a clinician. Our time had passed into a shared journey of roadblocks and breakdowns that also led to triumphs and breakthroughs. Read more



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