Winter 2019

Reading literary fiction can help us better understand societal issues and be better social workers. Read more

Practice 2 Comments

Allan Barsky explores religious freedom in the context of social work practice, specifically whether it is ethical for social workers to cite religious differences with clients as the basis for referring clients to other workers. Read more

Ethics 1 Comments

Some conversations may not feel comfortable, but they are necessary. It is hard to do with our clients what we cannot do for ourselves. Tips are provided for difficult conversations with your social work field supervisor. Read more

Field Placement 1 Comments

Grief is disenfranchised when the relationship, the loss, or the griever is not recognized. Read more

Practice 4 Comments

Karen Fernbaugh Roy sustained a spinal cord injury during an armed robbery while in college. She later became a social worker and now holds the title of Ms. Wheelchair America. Read more

Practice 3 Comments

The 6-month mark in your new job is a good time to assess how things are going. Consider these six issues that may be areas of concern. Read more

Careers 2 Comments

The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics offers a tool for assessing neurodevelopmental functioning of clients with trauma histories to select treatments to best meet their needs. Read more

Practice 1 Comments

While visiting Disney World for a social work conference, Stephen took note of the ways in which technology was used to collect visitors' private data. Should social workers be concerned? Read more


#MacroSW Twitter chat participants discussed social work and self-care in the current political environment. Read more

, Practice

Book review of Technology, Activism, and Social Justice in a Digital Age Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Book review of Wisdom, Attachment, and Love in Trauma Therapy: Beyond Evidence-Based Practice Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Book review of Expressive Arts for Social Work and Social Change Read more

Reviews & Commentary


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