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Collegiate Recovery Programs Offer Proximity, Student-Driven Services

Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRPs) provide a supportive environment within the college campus culture for students in recovery. The person-in-environment approach is one that is in sync with social work.



Movie review - In "The Children Act," a family court judge makes critical decisions. The pain and danger inflicted by a lack of self-awareness and reflection make The Children Act a difficult but important film to experience. more

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Social workers often focus on successful outcomes. But has this emphasis diminished the role of process in social work practice? Can we resist the urge to "fix" and instead "sit with"? more


What? Another group project? Social workers and social work students often work in groups. Learn to embrace the process. more


Social workers use varying terms related to culture and social diversity - cultural competence, cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, cultural humility, and cultural responsiveness. What do they mean? What’s the difference? more

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Your professors said you would be working at three levels of social work - micro, mezzo, and macro. But your job seems to be all micro. Are you doing something wrong? more


You made it through the job interview for the social work job you want. Now what? Do not neglect to follow up. Write a thank-you letter, connect on LinkedIn, and prepare for the next interview. The search isn't over until you start your new job. more


You are excited about your new position as a social work manager and have many ideas about what can be done differently. You can’t wait to start, but it may be beneficial to take some time to consider several important issues more

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