Fusing Fitness With Mental Health Treatment

We must overcome the notion that physical and mental health are separate domains.We can foster a teamwork approach among clients and staff as we address both physical and mental health needs.



We like to think there are no limits to what we can do as social workers. The truth is that hitting up against your limits as a helper is something one has to come to terms with to remain in the social work profession. more


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A recent survey examining self-care practices of social workers identified “financial situation” as a strong predictor of one’s level of self-care*. Financial stressors can contribute to other problems, such as health and relational issues. more

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What are social workers' ethical obligations when they live in small communities and dual relationships are unavoidable? Boundaries can be complex, with no simple or perfect solutions. more

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LinkedIn is the most powerful networking site available today. Have you created your professional profile and checked out all the site has to offer your social work career? more

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Photo credit: National Council for Behavioral Health

The growing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) movement helps individuals identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness. Social workers are among both the trainers and the trainees. more

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Historical trauma has emerged as a critical area of study in understanding and addressing long-term health problems in communities. more


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