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Tangible Social Work: It's Not Just Child's Play, It's Neuroscience

Children learn through experience. "Meeting clients where they are" required training and trips to yard sales and toy stores.



Spring 2017 Issue of The New Social Worker - Video Table of Contents

Publisher/editor Linda Grobman gives a video summary of the contents of the Spring 2017 issue of The New Social Worker magazine. more

Linda's Agenda

We explore the nature of respect in social work advocacy. Social workers demonstrate respect to individual clients by honoring their right to self-determination. Advocacy often involves persuason and trying to change beliefs and behaviors of others. more


A young recruiter contacted me and asked if I was interested in the social work position she had available. Before I knew it, we were living in Alaska. Those first months were surreal. more


If you have spent the last five years working with children, this doesn’t mean you can’t successfully switch your area of practice to aging adults or program administration. You need to successfully articulate your skills that will transfer. more

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Is there a natural marriage to be had between remote communities and e-therapy? If therapy can be provided early enough, perhaps a mental health crisis can be avoided. more

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As a palliative social worker, I have the opportunity to address gaps in care and provide the education so many people need when they are living with a terminal disease. Little did I know, however, the enormity of the challenge I was undertaking. more


Social workers must become better allies and culturally competent regarding the needs and voices of marginalized groups, because we are ethically bound to fulfill this task. more


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