Self-Care: A Social Worker’s Guide to Staying on Your Feet

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Self Care

I wholeheartedly agree that Social workers need to maintain a balance in their lives, and self care is paramount. The critical work that we do is often unrecognized and undervalued so having an intact support system is vital to our health and longevity in this field. I have read many articles where the word "superhero" is used to describe Social Workers. I have been a proud Social Worker for over 25 years however, I am not a superhero. I am a person who is invested in enriching the lives of others but I think it is a disservice to the profession to describe ourselves as such. I know we do great work, but I don't want to be viewed as a superhero, It's a set up. I have worked in the health care system for 20 years and it's astonishing to me that there are still so many misconceptions regarding our profession. I want the people I work with and for, to understand my skills and knowledge and not assign a label like superhero, It feels almost patronizing to me. I want to be known as a fierce advocate, a voice for the silenced, and a sound clinician who is guided by the ethics that drive our profession. I am not a superhero, I am a skilled Social Worker. Thanks for listening.

Susan Pesha LMSW, ACSW more than 6 years ago


sorry but making out others call you a superhero and saying how this is patronising, in itself is patronising - as it tells us your so good at your job so you think (really you must be the only social worker that is then as most lie, are corrupt, due it for the bonuses and their own families, whilst screwing up ours) is patronising - also you jhave to have some good cases to shpow the kods you steal, nick, abuise and lie about are covered by the ones mainly with severe issues that you leave at home, as other people wont foster or adopt them - call me cynical - but i speak from experience amnd I aint patronising and instead of superhero - the name is - super villain

A Azeem more than 6 years ago


Thanks for your response Ms. Pesha. Well said.

Eve Block, MSW more than 5 years ago

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