Carolyn Called

A story of loss, change, growing older, and difficult family conversations

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Family Dynamics

Coping with changes are always difficult, but it's harder when the conversations start late. I encourage families to have deeper conversations while everyone is well. But of course, human nature gets in the way. Children need to ask parents what they want to do when they are no longer able to live independently, and then agree on the most sensible way to make it happen. Most people want to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Developing a long term care strategy when people are still healthy is the smartest way to go. We need to advance this concept as a culture and stop being so squeamish about addressing difficult topics. Proactive behavior can save lives and legacies.

Tracey Lawrence more than 7 years ago

Carolyn Called

Ageism is alive an well in families! In this case the children have assumed that Charles, being old, is not able to make decisions for himself and needs his children to make them for him.
I certainly think an independent advocate for the elderly person helps to take the emotion out of such decisions and helps to give the aged back some dignity.

Maddy more than 7 years ago

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