Thanks to Social Work, I Am a Better Person

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It's okay to ask for help.

"No (wo)man is an island." In short, when I was in high school my Social Work mentors, who were college students working at the local teen community center taught me and showed me "it's okay to ask for and accept help." They also recognized my strengths and I was empowered to grow out of my comfort zone. They shattered my negative perceptions of Social Workers. I've been on my struggle for social justice journey ever since. Thanks to God and the positive social workers I had as a youth, today I am a passionate practitioner and resilient role model who challenges and inspires the youth I lead and learn from. Inspiration is free. This is a dynamic campaign and relevant reflective process that not only raises self-awareness, it helps others understand the power of Social Work to shape lives and improve society at micro, mezzo and macro levels. Thank you.

Susan Paul more than 7 years ago

this is a beautiful article, I agree , thanks !!!

This is a beautiful article, I agree. Thanks !!!

Dora Venditti more than 7 years ago

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