Why I'm So Busy

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Tyranny of the Urgent

I once read a booklet with the title "Tyranny of the Urgent." The basic premise is that urgent matters often squeeze out the most important matters. Those involved in people- helping professions or lifestyles are always confronted with urgent matters because people sincerely have urgent needs. But I have come to realize I cannot be the answer to everyone's urgent needs and, as you said, ignoring the basic hierarchy of needs that I have, which make me a more solid person, is not helpful to others either.

Teckla Wilson more than 8 years ago

Tyranny of the Urgent

So right, Teckla! I think finding balance is an ongoing struggle. Aristotle said that virtue is in between two vices. Balanced self-care is in between disregard of others and burnout. I think we tend to run towards the extreme that's already more like us, because we're scared of the one that's more different from us.

Addison Cooper more than 8 years ago

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