The Selfish Social Worker

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This caught my attention

In helping others, I help myself. In healing others, I heal myself. I love helping others, but in the end, I have benefited equally from every encounter. So while I love to help and educate others for a living, I am also selfishly keeping those pockets of knowledge, experiences, and resiliency for myself and my own journey. Sometimes you have to be the selfish social worker!

This is very rare comment to hear I felt but I was wrong cause I do tell the same thing. I call myself a selfish social worker.

Santosh Syangdan more than 5 years ago

Why I became a social worker

Thank you, Alaysha, for your commentary, As I read your words, they rang so true to me as I am able to forge ahead with new challenges and meet people with that same courage. Im thankful for being able to recognize this person within as I changed careers later in life. Ever thankful as I continue to be blessed with the ability to interact with those that need me and to learn from them as well. Thanks again!

Rosalyn Lee more than 6 years ago

Thats my baby girl.

Thats my baby girl

Dennis James Rector more than 6 years ago


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